Dietary Supplements When Taking HCG Drops for Weight Loss

HCG diet is scientifically planned and wouldn’t require any dietary supplements as such. Still if you are looking forward to have health packed weight loss with accelerated results from HCG diet then check out these dietary supplements that can be taken at each stage of HCG diet. These supplements would accelerate the process of weight loss and also make sure that you remain healthy throughout your HCG diet regime.

Diet BookFirst Phase – The first phase of HCG diet or any weight loss diet is about preparing your body and cleansing the system. This will increase its acceptance towards the new diet program and give good results. The supplements for phase 1 are mainly related to cleansing of body and its systems.

At this stage, include laxatives, apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes, Yerba-mate tea, and other oils that help cleanse the system. If you still feel the need for external supplements that aid cleansing then go for laxatives as your body needs them at this stage. Don’t forget that water is also the best way to cleanse your organ system and you may take maximum water at this stage. The right use of water and digestive enzymes at this stage would prepare your body for all other diet phases to come.

Second Phase – If you are on certain multivitamins before starting HCG diet, then you can continue with those supplements during phase 1 but don’t make the mistake of continuing the same during phase 2. The second phase in HCG diet is of strict 500 calories diet and experts recommend that one should avoid any sort of unnecessary supplementation at this stage.

Some vitamins may also interfere with weight loss and would slow down the results. The supplements are recommended only when you feel tired or fatigued during the diet program. The common vitamins recommended at this stage are Magnesium and Potassium.

Third Phase – This is the stabilization phase and the supplements required during this phase are also same as phase 2. Sometimes fatigue would be more in stabilization stage and you would require more vitamins to be added to your diet routine to keep fit.

Fourth Phase – The fourth phase is the maintenance phase and the maximum need for supplements would arise in this phase. The strict diet observed for a period of one month to 45 days would sometimes deprive your body of certain nutrients and you would be required to include multiple vitamins then.

Vitamins required while on HCG diet

FruitsVitamin A – It will fetch your body with anti-oxidants that are required for better lever functioning. Lever needs to work extra while on HCG diet as the fat is broken down continuously and detoxification takes place in the body. Vitamin A will make this easier.

Vitamin B – This is the energy boosting vitamin and it also helps in producing more red blood cells. The energy deficit during phase 2 can be met with this vitamin supplementation.

Vitamin C – Your immunity gets an instant boost with vitamin C and the toxins are also flushed out effectively. You can be sure of enhanced immunity levels when you take this vitamin. Take more of vitamin C during the maintenance phase as it will bring up your immunity meter and keep your health quotient high even after the completion of HCG diet.

Vitamin D – Main source of vitamin D is sunlight and other dietary sources include meat, lever, and egg yolk. HCG diet doesn’t allow the intake of dietary sources of vitamin D and hence the levels would go down. If you are very well exposed to the sunlight then you can skip taking vitamin D but if you are not able to manage sun exposure then take vitamin D supplements as this vitamin is essential for your bone health, muscle buildup, and nerve functioning.

Vitamin E – Another anti-oxidant rich vitamin is usually found in green leafy vegetables. Either include more of greens in your diet or check out for supplements.

Vitamin K – This vitamin is used for blood coagulation and has no direct connection with weight loss. This vitamin is also present in leafy vegetables and you don’t need to take extra supplements in order to get it.

Magnesium – The bowel movement is regulated well with healthy magnesium levels. It also transforms the blood sugar into energy, which is highly essential for the body undergoing weight loss. If your diet lacks in magnesium, then start taking the supplements from the first phase itself to gain maximum benefits of the entire program.

All the above vitamins have some role to play in your body functioning and you can include these vitamins as supplements or through rich diet. HCG diet has taken care of all these vitamins but you may still be deprived of certain vitamins as the food choices are limited and you would end up skipping some important food segment while observing strict HCG diet routine. Check with your medical practitioner to know more about the appropriate supplements and don’t forget to take lot of water as it forms the base of this power packed diet.