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What is HCG and what does it have to do with weight loss?

HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that women naturally produce during pregnancy to support the growth of the fetus. The effects of HCG were analyzed in a study of women who underwent periods of starvation during pregnancy to find out why their children were born with healthy birth weights. The study showed that HCG can lower a body’s metabolic set-point and can regulate how your body metabolizes visceral fat. For the women in the study, HCG helped them and their babies receive proper nutrition during pregnancy by helping the brain use and burn fat efficiently.

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So how can HCG help me lose weight?

HCG can help normal people – even men – lose weight by triggering the same reaction in the brain. To put it simply, you can recreate the same nutritional benefits experienced by the women in the study by reducing your caloric intake and adding HCG to your diet. By restricting your calories and taking small doses of HCG, you can burn stored fat and lose weight quickly. This method allows you to lose weight without breaking down any of your body tissue – you will only lose fat!

HCG Diet Protocol

In order to achieve results and lose weight safely, it is important to follow the HCG diet protocol. The diet requires a fairly restrictive daily caloric intake in order for you to efficiently burn your permanent fat stores. The proper caloric intake will vary from person to person. While we recommend a 500 calorie diet for optimal weight loss, you can effectively lose weight with a diet of up to 1,200 calories per day. Your ideal caloric intake will vary depending on your activity level and natural metabolism. This diet may seem daunting, but one of the amazing benefits of HCG is that it reduces your hunger and allows you to function normally while on the diet. In addition to reducing your caloric intake, it is also important that you avoid certain foods – this and other important instructions are all explained in the downloadable guide that comes free with every order!

Is the diet safe and effective for men?

Yes. In fact, men typically lose as much or more weight than women on the diet. This is because men often have a higher BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) than women. This means that they naturally burn more calories than women, often due to men having higher muscle mass than women and other factors. HCG is currently used to treat men for other conditions – it is FDA approved to treat men for Hypogonadism. Simply put, the HCG diet is safe and extremely effective for men!

Are you selling “Real HCG”?

Real HCG is restricted and is only available through a pharmacy with a Doctors Prescription. In fact anyone who claims to sell “Real HCG” without a prescription is in violation of the law. With that said there are basically two types of HCG available over the counter for those who would like to buy it without a prescription. The first of which is what you will find all over the place- a “precursor formula”. You can find this in Walmart or GNC or many other retailers. The problem with this formula (besides the fact that it doesn’t work) is that it attempts to trigger your body into producing the HCG Hormone. While in theory this sounds great- in actuality it has failed to produce the desired results. The second type of HCG is the formula we have been using for more than ten years. Our product has been and remains as effective as Real HCG because we have found a way to “copy” the energy pattern of HCG onto a colloidal mineral water base. When taken orally your body will recognize it as HCG.Because we always used a formula that did not contain the hormone HCG we did not have to make any changes when the FDA started regulating the hormone. This is a tried and true formula that has stood the test of time with thousands of people who have achieved their weight loss goals using our product.

So are you selling real HCG?

No. Anyone selling real HCG is breaking the law. We are selling an advanced homeopathic version of HCG that is proven to be just as safe and effective as the real deal – at a significantly lower cost. Real HCG is to be sold only by a pharmacist using a valid prescription from a licensed physician. PremiumHCG is an excellent alternative because it saves you money on the product and on the doctor’s visits.

Why is Premium HCG better?

Not only have we been helping people lose weight safely for many years, but we have also worked very closely with doctors who use HCG to treat their patients and have spent more than ten years formulating the most effective HCG available. Premium HCG uses cutting edge technology to mimic HCG in our Alcohol free formula. This advanced technology allows us to provide “prescription strength” HCG that is pH balanced as well as highly effective. Through the years we have combined techniques and changed formulas to also provide support for your thyroid as well as adrenal glands so you will feel normal while on our product. Our products are completely safe and manufactured here in the USA in an FDA inspected facility. You will find our Customer Support is second to none- we offer phone, email, or chat support for you while on your diet.

How should do I take HCG?

PremiumHCG is a liquid formula that is very simple to take. There is a dropper inside each bottle. Place 10 drops under your tongue three times per day (but you can use it up to six times per day)prior to your normal mealtime. For optimal results, take the drops about 30-45 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you start feeling hungry, add in extra doses at the first sign of hunger for a total of up to 6 doses per day (10 drops per dose). If you are feeling hungry, it means you need to metabolize more fat, and you can do that by taking additional drops. When you take a dose, allow the HCG to dissipate under your tongue for about one to two minutes- then swallow anything that was not absorbed.

How much weight may I expect to lose?

The answer to this question varies based on your body, metabolism and activity level. Properly following the right HCG diet protocol,most of our customers lose about one pound a day. If you maintain an active lifestyle and your metabolism is on the higher side, you could lose as much as 2 pounds a day.

Will I feel hungry on this diet?

You may experience hunger when you are first starting the lower calorie diet during what we call the “transition phase.” This hunger should level off by the second day, and you should feel that your body is functioning normally from that time forward. If you continue to experience hunger or fatigue, it may be because your body needs more HCG to help you metabolize more fat and boost your energy. If you experience this, you can increase your daily doses of HCG to 4 or 5 per day.

Are there any side effects of this diet?

The only known side effect of HCG Diet is constipation. If you experience this while on the diet, it may mean that you are not drinking enough water and you should increase your intake. While you are on the HCG diet, it is recommended that you drink at least 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water. This will help your body process the metabolized fat and alleviate your symptoms.

Will I still lose weight if I have 600 to 1,200 calories per day?

For best results, it is recommended that you stick to the diet protocol of 500 calories per day. However, we have seen many customers increase their caloric intake to 1,000 or more calories per day and still lose weight. The ideal daily caloric intake will vary for every person, depending on activity levels and natural metabolism.

What list of foods is allowed on the diet?

A variety of foods are allowed on the diet but must be followed as instructed in the Expert Diet Guide we provide when you make your purchase. These include:

Lean meats that are grilled or baked with no oil or fat like skinless boneless chicken breast, steak with the trimmed off, lean ground beef, buffalo, veal, and certain seafood like shrimp, wild halibut, and crab.

A variety of vegetables which include but are not limited to spinach, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, celery, and more. We only recommend one type of veggie per meal

Do not mix a variety in one meal!

Fruit like apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit.

Melba toast or Grissini breadsticks are allowed occasionally.

Certain seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic, mustard powder, the juice of one lemon, and more are allowed with the HCG diet. Liquids to keep you hydrated include fresh clean water, tea, and coffee. We recommend taking in a lot of fluids to get the most benefits from the HCG drops.

Are nuts allowed?

Certain nuts are allowed for healthy snacks. These include peanuts, almonds, and peanut butter. You will learn about this in more detail in the Expert Diet Guide.

What Should I Eat for Breakfast?

In the first two phases of the diet, only unlimited tea and coffee are allowed with one tablespoon of milk. Stevia or other natural sweeteners may be added to liquid for more flavor. On gorge days, you can have a bagel with cream cheese with bacon or sausage and/or a ham and cheese omelet. In Phase 3, you may be able to eat more variety like eggs with one fruit and one vegetable (though no starches or sugars). The diet changes things up so that you can eat breakfast certain days and weeks.

If I'm a vegetarian, what I can I substitute for meat?

You can substitute eggs for meat or even tofu. Lentils and beans are also packed with protein so you can be a vegetarian or vegan on this diet.

How is it safe to eat only 500 calories a day?

HCG is helping your body make up for your low daily caloric intake by retrieving and metabolizing fat stores for energy. It means in addition to your calorie intake, your body is supplementing it with another 1,500 or more calories retrieved from fat stores.The very reason why the HCG protocol works is simple- the HCG communicates with your brain to retrieve fat stores for energy thereby reducing the amount of calories you need to eat.

Should I consult my doctor when I am using HCG?

We always recommend talking with your Doctor prior to any dieting, especially if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes, or any other significant medical condition.

How many I.U.s does your product contain?

10 HCG drops taken 3 times daily = 2.1mL or 2.1cc
This amount (2.1cc) is equivalent to 125 I.U. of prescription HCG

Can Men Safely Take HCG Drops?

HCG drops derive from a hormone that is only found in that of a female body. The hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin. Of course, when men hear this, it immediately makes them believe that it's not safe for them to use oral HCG drops for weight loss though this is simply not the case. Men can safely take HCG drops with no known negative side effects.

Many men believe it will take away their masculinity if they start using HCG drops. This is a complete myth. The hormone, HCG, enters every fetus in the mother's womb during pregnancy. HCG actually stimulates gonads development in every male fetus and without HCG men wouldn't have all the proper male organs necessary to be completely male.

If the testicles have not dropped in young boys, HCG can naturally and safely help them drop with no known side effects. It does so by stimulating the production of testosterone in male bodies.

For men who have been taking testosterone for an extended period of time and are experiencing shrinkage of the testicles, HCG can be utilized to reverse the shrinkage. It does so by boosting testosterone production in the testicles, thus increasing their size. HCG also helps men who struggle with infertility by increasing the sperm count in men who've been diagnosed with a low sperm count by an infertility doctor. The best way to utilize HCG for either of these conditions is with HCG injections while for weight loss, oral HCG drops are best.

HCG drops and injections only contain 125 International Units of HCG and that is quite effective for weight loss. In a pregnant woman's body, HCG levels peak at 288,000 International Units. Since it's 2000 times less than what's found in a pregnant woman, HCG drops are safe for women AND men to take.

On the HCG diet, people can lose 1-2 pounds per week. As long as the proper nutritional diet and guidelines are followed, you will see success. HCG that is homeopathic will not react negatively with any medication or vitamin supplements but we do recommend checking with your doctor first to receive clearance before starting any form of weight loss diet or exercise program.

There has been success story after success story with people (both men and women) losing weight with HCG drops. There has been no research shown that HCG reacts adversely in men or that it is harmful to them in any way. For most people, HCG drops may help men shed weight more quickly than women since men tend to lose weight more quickly on the diet and in general. Because the dosage is so low, men should have no concerns in using HCG drops as an effective weight loss treatment. It's safe and it actually works!

What does my order contain?

With every order we provide a Quick Start Guide as well as the book by Dr. Simeon “Pounds and Inches” which is his published study proving the effect of HCG on obese people. Both will arrive in your email via a hyperlink to our downloadable PDF. We do not mail copies of either so please be sure to download them when you receive the link.

How do I get Support if I need it?

We have several support options for you- you can reach us by phone M-F 9am -5pm CST, or you may email your questions to us at info@hcgdropsshop.com. a We will respond as quickly as possible. If you need immediate help we have a customer service chat option on our website.