What is hCG and How is it Made?


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone produced by the human body. During pregnancy, hCG helps to nourish the fetus and support its development. In 1930, a British endocrinologist discovered that hCG has tremendous benefits to people who wish to lose weight. The groundbreaking hCG diet is more advanced than other weight loss programs because it boosts the metabolism and keeps you from feeling hungry while you are maintaining a low-calorie diet. Although originally developed as an injection, hCG is now available in new, convenient forms. hCG drops, which enter the bloodstream under the tongue, offer a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to injections. By metabolizing body fat, hCG drops enable dieters to lose weight and inches while retaining lean muscle mass. The hCG drops contain the ingredients that produce the metabolic effect of hCG, not the actual hormone, which is available only by prescription.


What is hCG and How is it Made?

The weight loss properties of hCG were discovered by British endocrinologist Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons in 1930, and hCG has been used in combination with a restricted-calorie diet to promote weight loss ever since. During pregnancy, hCG helps the fetus develop by breaking down the mother’s body fat for energy and diverting calories from the mother to the fetus. [1] The hCG diet is different from other weight loss regimens because the hormone actually boosts your metabolism and keeps you from feeling hungry. Typically, when your body takes in fewer calories than it burns, the body's natural response is to slow down the metabolism and preserve fat stores. hCG helps your body metabolize stubborn fat stores and keep you energized while taking away pounds and inches.


quotes    The hCG diet is different from other weight loss regimens because the hormone actually boosts your metabolism and keeps you from feeling hungry.   quotes


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The hCG-Weight Loss Connection

Dr. Simeons' idea that hCG can aid in weight loss originated while working with malnourished pregnant women in India. He noticed that although these women were underfed, they consistently gave birth to healthy babies with a normal birth weight. Dr. Simeons discovered that the hCG hormone produced in the placenta enabled these women to metabolize the fat stored in their bodies and nourish their babies throughout the term of their pregnancy.

From that breakthrough finding, Dr. Simeons posited that hCG could have similar effects in both women and men who were trying to lose weight. He developed his hCG diet protocol over the course of hundreds of clinical trials with his patients.

Putting Research to Practical Use

This groundbreaking discovery about the weight loss properties of hCG formed the basis of Dr. Simeons' treatment protocol for obesity and provided the underlying principles for Nutra Pure homeopathic hCG drops. Dr. Simeons conducted research by pairing hCG with a very low calorie diet. What he found was that the hCG was capable of supplementing a very low calorie diet by causing the body to burn stored fat for energy. The hCG hormone triggered a reaction in the patients’ hypothalamus, the section of the brain that regulates hunger, which allowed them to consume far fewer calories than usual without feeling hungry or fatigued. hCG resets the hypothalamus and encourages it to metabolize fat for energy, resulting in weight loss.

Pounds and Inches

The treatment Dr. Simeons developed following his research in India involved pairing a dose of hCG with the consumption of a very low calorie diet. He published his findings on hCG and weight loss in his 1954 book, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. In the book, he explains how the human body stores fat and how hCG uses these fat reserves to provide energy for the body and promote weight loss. Dr. Simeons' discoveries and recommendations regarding hCG have helped thousands of people lose weight and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. Learn more about Dr. Simeons' hCG protocol in a video here..



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Forms of HCG

From injections of the actual hCG hormone to the advanced homeopathic dilution in homeopathic drops, hCG for weight loss comes in many different forms and it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between them. The hCG injection was the original form of hCG that Dr. Simeons incorporated into his weight loss protocol years ago. hCG injections are available only with a prescription from a doctor. Another form of hCG is the pharmaceutical drop taken orally under the tongue where it is absorbed into the bloodstream, also available only by prescription. Nutra Pure homeopathic hCG drops are developed through an advanced technique with ingredients that mimic the metabolic effects of hormonal hCG. They are taken orally and are available without a prescription at a far lower cost than pharmaceutical hCG.

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How Nutra Pure hCG Drops are Made

The Nutra Pure hCG homeopathic drops are derived from electronically imprinting the hCG hormone's fat-burning properties onto a colloidal mineral water base. [2] Therefore, Nutra Pure homeopathic hCG drops contain ingredients that produce the metabolic effect of hCG, but not the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone itself. The cutting-edge Nutra Pure formula is safe for both men and women, and Nutra Pure drops have been used by physicians and chiropractors for over a decade.Hormonal Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is available only by prescription and is very costly.


quotes    Nutra Pure homeopathic hCG drops are the most advanced form of hCG. They are taken orally and are available without a prescription at a far lower cost than pharmaceutical hCG  quotes


The Nutra Pure Guarantee

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Why Homeopathic hCG is Better Than
Organic hCG


There are only two ways in which a person can intake hCG – through a prescription means or by using a homeopathic remedy. While the cost of prescription hCG is much higher in light of the fact that a person needs to pay for needles and alcohol wipes to intake the hCG it is also not as convenient. In order to take prescription hCG a person would either need to be able to inject themselves with a fresh needle every day in a sterile environment or undertake the task of attending the doctor’s office every day. Either way it becomes something that is expensive and time consuming, especially when compared to the ease in which homeopathic hCG can be used.

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Homeopathic hCG contains the same beneficial properties as prescription hCG but has an advantage of being able to be taken by a drop under the tongue. This means that it is easy to take anywhere and there is no need to attend a doctor ongoing to do so. One of the main reasons why choosing homeopathic hCG for your diet or energy needs is better than opting instead for a prescription method is the fact that since the homeopathic hCG is not naturally occurring there was a chance to optimize on the most beneficial aspects of the amino acid, which means that the homeopathic hCG is more specifically formed to the needs of a person who is taking it then can be found in the naturally occurring competitor.

When a person reaches for additional help in any matter they usually try to get the best help they can – choosing a homeopathic hCG allows just that.The difference between taking a supplement via a drop under the tongue or being forced to take a painful injection is like night and day. There are no long term effects to taking a droplet under the tongue whereas any person who has had an injection has the unintended negative occurrence of an obvious hole where the injection was taken. Besides, the consistency of needing a daily dose means that choosing a prescribed hCG will leave a person forced to take the pain of an injection every day, adding to stress levels. Who wouldn’t want to choose a droplet under the tongue over that!

The ability to take hCG doses at home also means that the person is able to take up to 3 doses per day which would greatly improve the suppression of appetite all day long. This type of help is essential for being able to lose weight and size in any good dietary program.



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The ability to take hCG drops at home means that you have the convenience of deciding when you take your dose and how often per day. Waiting in a doctor’s office for an injection is filled with uncertainty as to time since you are not a priority and may have to wait longer than you expected to before being seen by a medical professional. Also, the ease in which ordering is made possible when using homeopathic hCG instead of opting for the organic version means that there is no need to gain a prescription and pay for a doctor’s visit in order to get the hCG you know that you require for optimal weight loss or increased fertility.


The results that are gained from homeopathic hCG drops have been consistently found to be as effective as a prescription organic hCG . Added to that, the ability to give yourself a boost more often than once a day is a sure way to know that you will have the extra help that you will need to achieve your weight loss results. Since the goal of weight loss is to lose inches as well as pounds it is very important to help that process along. Without taking hCG drops as part of a diet and exercise plan you will not have the same ability to get the right fact to decrease across the body where you expect it to. By adding a homeopathic dose of hCG naturally by droplet you are helping your body to burn the unwanted fat and you will be certain to see results of your efforts far faster.


Considering the factors involved in assessing which method of hCG use is best for you it seems that there are far too many reasons why choosing a homeopathic hCG droplet is the best option. From the fact that it is easy to use with no pain at all, there is no need to invest time into going to the doctor every day or the added costs in doing so. What is more, there is no need to pay for a prescription to be written and you can order when you need. Nutra Pure hCG has created a homeopathic drop created through adopting advanced technology to create a water-based colloidal mineral solution which produces the same metabolic effect of hormonal hCG.


quotes    The ability to give yourself a boost more often than once a day is a sure way to know that you will have the extra help that you will need to achieve your weight loss results.   quotes


Where Can I Buy hCG Diet Drops?

Today's hCG market is vastly different than it was just a few years ago. Before the FDA cracked down on some dangerous and ineffective products on the market, it was possible to find hCG ' or an imitation ' on the shelves of just about any drug store. Since the tightening of FDA regulations, many stores have stopped carrying hCG, and the stores that do often carry what is called a precursor formula. Precursor formulas do not contain any real hCG; instead, they use a combination of amino acids or Vitamin B12 to supposedly help your body produce its own hCG. It is questionable whether the products actually help your body in producing the hormone.

Since the products don't contain any hCG or hCG imprint, they cannot trigger the appropriate reaction in the hypothalamus, which is the portion of the brain that controls metabolic functions such as hunger and thirst. When properly administered, hCG will suppress hunger by prompting the hypothalamus to burn your stored fat for energy instead of getting all of your daily energy from food. Our customers do not experience the hunger and fatigue they have experienced while using other products.




Another option for getting pure, effective hCG is through a physician or weight loss clinic. There are many physicians and clinics that would be able to create a custom program for you and offer you support throughout the hCG diet regimen. Clinics would likely offer hCG in the form of an injection instead of a drop. While this is an excellent option, it is also very costly. Rates for a custom hCG weight-loss program through a clinic often run from $3,000 to $6,000.

All of the options available to you online and in stores can make your decision confusing and intimidating. It is difficult to know if you are getting a quality product for the right price. As a leader in hCG sales, we understand that your trust is a critical part of our relationship. That's why we offer not only a top-of-the-line product at an affordable price but also dedicated customer service to help you along through the whole process, from your first purchase until you reach your weight-loss goals. Our company has been selling hCG for over seven years at a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Our customers know that our first priority is helping you reach your weight-loss goals while giving you the proper support you need for a pleasant and safe experience.