Different Types of HCG Diet

Diet BookHuman chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diets come in different forms. For many people, one form will be more easily adaptable to their lifestyle than another form might be while other people find that they are interchangeable. Whichever HCG diet is chosen there are specifics that should be understood in relation to the methods and most beneficial ways of taking, i.e. before or after food, at night or in the morning etc.

This article will help you to understand how each type of HCG diet is unique; with this information you will be able to decide which is best for you.

The common types of HCG diets include pre-mixed drops, self-mixed injections or shots or self-mixed sublingual. Regardless of which method is used, all HCG forms begin with 125 international units of a powdered form of HCG. The powder is then mixed with water which is ether sterilized or bacteriostatic (either method creates sterile water) and a small amount of alcohol is added to preserve the mixture.


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HCG Pre-Mixed



Pre mixed HCG drops are likely the easiest method of use of all the methods. By buying and using a drop which is pre-mixed you are ensured the proper mix with every drop and as such can gain a consistent level of effectiveness.

The mixed drops are placed under the tongue, which is an easier way of intake than an injection and there is no resulting mark from intake such as an injection would create. Other advantages to the pre-mixed drops are that they are generally cheaper and they do not require any further mixing or preparation before use. These drops are usually recommended to be taken three times per day. This type of application does not require refrigeration.

        This article will help you to understand how each type of HCG diet is unique; with this information you will be able to decide which is best for you 

HCG Self-Mixed Injections/Shots

Self-mixed HCG injections (shots) are more expensive than the pre mixed drops and there are restrictions on being able to ship them outside the USA unlike the drops. There is a small to moderate level of pain in terms of breaking the skin with the needle for each injection. There can also be swelling and discomfort from this method and if the user does not know how to inject them properly they will have to have the help of a health care professional for the injection, which can be costly.

ShotsEach time an injection is needed a new needle is used so there will be the need for the user to buy anywhere between 23 and 40 needles per month depending on their cycle. Users of HCG self-mixed injections will also need 30 cc’s of bacteriostatic water per injection, one 30cc sealed vial of HCG, use of a box of alcohol pads, one large mixing syringe and a mixing needle per ampoule – 21 gauge is recommended.

The HCG solution which is delivered within the glass ampoules are in the dried consistency and users have to mix each dose fresh prior to injection. Users may find that drawing in the exact right amount of fluid can be difficult and keeping everything sterile can also become onerous. A clean and sterile environment for mixing and setting up the needle is required for this method to be successful. If the dose is mixed improperly it can cause physical harm so it is important to gain exact instructions from a reputable source before attempting to prepare doses for use.

Once a day the user will stick the needle into a newly sterilized bottle (which will be sterilized by the use of the alcohol wipe) and extract their dosage. The injection may be in a number of different areas of the body but must never be injected directly into any vein or artery.


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HCG Self-Mixed Sublingual

HCG Self Mixed Sublingual


Self-mixed sublingual HCG is the most expensive of the three main methods of using HCG. Users of the self-mixed sublingual (under the tongue) method must use nearly twice the amount that users of injections need to use. Like the injections they are not usually shipped outside of the USA.

This type of HCG must be refrigerated and users can benefit from the fact that there is no pain or discomfort from using it sublingually. Distilled water is needed for a mixing agent and alcohol pads, a small amount (normally 2cc’s would be enough) of alcohol such as gin or vodka to dilute with, a bottle for storage (amber color is advised), a small mixing syringe and a mixing needle.

The prescription powder will come in a glass vial the same as if an injection method was used. Users will need to make sure that their preparation area maintains sterility throughout the process or risk an infection. It is important to have exact measurements as any improper mix or proportion can leave a user at risk of damage or illness.



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