Know More About Hcg Drops Vs Hcg Pills

In the ongoing debate on the various ways of HCG application, a number of dieters have raised concerns on the right way to take HCG in the body, which brings us to know more about HCG drops versus HCG pills.

Off late, there has been a new addition in the evolution of administering HCG hormone in the body through the form of oral pills.

HCG PillsUnfortunately HCG oral pills have developed a bad rap due to the unprofessional ways of preparing and marketing the product. HCG oral pills are currently available over-the-counter but are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the FDA continues to warn consumers to steer clear of HCG oral pellets that can be purchased from retail and online stores. This is because, the number of claims purported by HCG oral pill companies have violated a number of regulations which is why it is more dangerous to purchase oral pills for HCG than to go for HCG injections.

Recent research conducted by the Medical And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHPRA), which is a federal body that ensures the safe acceptance of medicines sold and supplied in the United Kingdom, have revealed that HCG oral pills that are sold online belong to a number of unscrupulous vendors. Moreover, the British Dietetic Association has revealed that HCG oral pills have a high content of caffeine that can affect the normal rhythm of the heart and can prove to be fatally dangerous in the long run. Since there is no evidence that HCG oral pills actually contain the hormone in a powdered or pill form, a number of medical experts warn dieters that such pills might contain unproven and unsafe herbal ingredients that can have a harmful effect on the body.

Given the large number of unregulated and disreputable scams that are taking place on the Internet today, buying HCG oral pills from online companies that do not offer any scientific backing with their claims, but yet continue to make outrageous demands, must not be entertained and should be stayed away from.

Sublingual DropsOn the other hand, homoeopathic HCG drops are prepared using the scientific principles of homoeopathy which is an age-old form of medicine first developed in Germany by a medical practitioner. Since it is a validated field of medicine that has been in existence since 1796, along with conventional medicines, homoeopathic medications are not only safe but highly effective. According to the principles of homeopathy, there are two ways of curing disorders: through the way of opposites, that concentrates on eliminating individual symptoms, and the way of similars that concentrates on handling the patient and adjusting the body’s instinctive healing processes.

Homoeopathy activates the body’s instinctive system of therapy and cure and stimulates the body’s natural disposition to heal itself. There are infinite written evidences of the productiveness of homoeopathy, in addition to innumerable instances of patients who can corroborate that homoeopathy is a proven scientific method.

In a similar manner, homoeopathic HCG oral drops have an equivalent body of evidence behind them. Given the number of successful cases it is almost impossible to get an accurate number from the thousands of people who have effectively and successfully achieved results with the help of homoeopathic HCG drops.

Homoeopathic HCG drops are as effective as HCG injections, minus the inconvenience and discomfort of injecting needles into the body. In addition, due to the low price of HCG drops, people who have used HCG oral drops report higher savings and better weight-loss.